The 69th edition of the Cannes Film Festival was held during May this year, from Wednesday 11th to Sunday 22nd. This year, the ceremonies were hosted by the Frenchman actor Laurent Laffite, and Cannes kicked off this year’s festival with Café Society, from Woody Allen. Celebrities, actors, and directors from all over the world attended to the event wearing their best suits and dresses, as well as the jury. This year featured a lot of glamour, fashion, style, and diversity, as we got to see our favourite celebrities giving their best in the red carpet.


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During these 12 days, we got to appreciate different styles, events, and competitions. The festival was also a great opportunity for directors to pitch their movies to some of the most important film industry characters of the world.

So, after we got to watch Woody Allen’s film during the open ceremony, a series of competitions were held on different categories, where directors from all around the world submitted their films for the exclusive prizes of the competition, and the much-wanted Palme d’Or award. This year’s festival featured an amazing lot of very interesting films, definitely a hard decision for the juries of each category. The official selection of events held during this years’ festival were:

  • Uncertain Regards
  • Short Films
  • Cinéfondation
  • Competition
  • Out of Competition

Competition Harder Each Year

The jury of the principal event were George Miller, Arnaud Desplechin, Kirsten Dunst, Mads Mikkelsen, Laszlo Nemes, Katavoon Shahabi, Valeria Golino, Vanessa Paradis and Donald Sutherland. This years’ official selection for the Palme d’Or featured some great films, such as Julieta, Loving, Toni eva-longoria_cannes_2016Erdman, American Honey, Personal Shopper, and many other amazing films we were able to watch during this event. However, for the winner of the Palm d’Or this year, we had director Ken Loach with his film I, Daniel Blake. George Miller was the president of this 69th edition main event.


Uncertain Regards

Marthe Keller led the uncertain regards category of the 2016 event. This competition opened with Mohamed Diab’s film Clash. The opening ceremony for this section was a complete success from Mohamed, presenting his movie that takes place in 2013, right after the political events.

The film is about two groups of people locked in a police van; a Muslim Brotherhood, and a group of anti-muslimism army supporters. After the presentation of Mohamed’s film, the ceremony carried on to name the winner movie, The Happiest Day in the Life of Ollie Mäki.


Short Films & Cinéfondation

In the presidency of this category we had Naomi Kawase. There were a total of over five thousand entries for the short film category, where the Spanish film Timecode managed to take the Palme d’Or Short Film award, after disputing the title with many other great competitors.

During the Cinéfondation event, we had students from film universities all around to world to display their young talent, and displaying the potential of the current generation. After a tough decision, the jury and Naomi Kawase named Or Sinai from the SSFTS in Israel, winner of the event for the short film Anna.

This edition of the Cannes Film Festival was a total showdown. Paparazzi’s had their cameras ready for action as celebrities from all around the world walked on the red carpet and arrived for the screening of the movies they’re participating with. This year, the festival featured an amazing variety of screenings and actors. Some of the actor appearances we had, along with the respective films they participated in were:

Russel Crowe

Who arrived on the red carpet for the screening of the movie The Nice Guys, in the “Out of Competition” selection.

Kendal Jenner

Wearing an astonishing black-detailed dress on the red carpet for the screening of From the Land of the Moon, movie that attempted to obtain the Palme d’Or in the main event.

Ryan Gosling

Assisting to the screening of the film The Nice Guys, where he acted along Russel Crowe. Ryan arrived in the company of Matt Bomer, who also participated in the movie. Both actors were wearing well-tailored with a clean impression.

George & Amal Clooney

Attending as a marvellous couple for the premiere of Money Monster, in which George Clooney had a primary role along with Julia Roberts. The couple arrived in a suit & dress combination for their presentation as a couple.


Julia Roberts-

Pulling an unexpected stun, Julia Roberts received a warming welcome from the Festival President and the Primary Delegate in a very particular way; barefooted. She received the greeting, and proceeded to attend the screening of Money Monster, in the company of gorgeous Jodie Foster.







2016 – Cannes Impressions That You Should Know
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