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It is a blog about French movies and a perfect site to visit if you love watching French films. France is where cinema was born. French film has contributed a lot in the world’s movie. In this blog, you will get the latest news and reviews about French films. I’ve lived in France for the last 30 years and cannot stop admiring French movies. I’ve been a part-time journalist in a magazine where I wrote reviews on French films. My journalism experience has given me the keen eye to analyze a movie just like a professional movie critic. In this blog, you will get my honest opinion regarding a particular French movie. Film reviews and gossips involving the French movie industry are a regular content of this blog.

You can know about the upcoming movies, stars, producers, directors and much more. We welcome comments from our visitors. So, you can write to us how you feel about certain movie or movie star. Visit our blog every day to know what’s making news in the French film world.