French cinema is renowned worldwide. Every year artists from many countries come to France to attend various film events. Here are the top film events in France this year which you shouldn’t miss.

Cannes Film Festival


Date: May 11, 2016 – May 22, 2016

Venue: Cannes, France

Cannes is one of the biggest film festivals in the world that takes place every year in Cannes, France. It was created by a French Minister of Education and Fine Arts to compete with the Venice Film Festival. Every year more than 30,000 professionals meet at the festival from around the world. It is a professional and a social event as well. People love the atmosphere of Cannes Film Festival. Apart from screenings of cinema, several awards are given in recognition of excellence in different aspects of a film. You can also enjoy open-air cinema on the beach.

Cinéma en Plein Air à La Villette 2016


Date: July 13, 2016 – August 21, 2016

Venue: Parc de la Villette, France

It is a free open air film festival held every year. Audiences enjoy classic films from some great directors. You will view the best new releases also. It is a perfect event for enjoying a movie in a picnic mood. The environment is just amazing and incredibly relaxing. It is a perfect event to enjoy with family and friends this summer.

The European Film Festival 2016


Date: 21st April 2016 – 23rd April 2016

Venue: Paris, France

This event is for independent filmmakers from around the world. It is a unique platform for those who like to take risks and reach to as many audiences as possible with their individual stories. It is an annual festival that demonstrates creativity and innovation in cinemas. There are 14 categories in which films compete of which seven are open to filmmakers from non-European countries. It is a perfect place for bold filmmakers to showcase their work to the general public. This event attracts not only film lovers but also renowned producers, directors and distributors from around the world who are searching for raw talent.

French movie festivals not only take place in France but other parts of the world as well. You should make time to attend some of these events and be part of a great movie festival.