French cinemas are very famous around the world. Some of the French movies have been very successful internationally; like ‘Les Intouchables’ released in 2011. ‘Amelie’ is another film that received a lot of attention globally. France is the birthplace of cinema, and French directors have shaped the film industry of the world. Here are some key features of the French film industry.

Birthplace of cinema | France

France is where the film was born. In 1895, the brothers Lumiere discovered the ‘cinematograph’ which let many viewers watch a movie together. Some film movements like the New Wave have shaped the cinema. French film industry has a significant contribution towards the development of today’s movies. That’s why major film events like Cannes are held in France every year. Producers, directors, actors, and actresses from all over the world come to Cannes to celebrate cinema.

paris homebirth of the film industry

Third largest market in the world

Some people might not believe it, but France is the third biggest film market in the world regarding releases and income generation. French people love movies. In Paris and other cities, you will find lots of movie theaters online or classical one to watch 2k movies, like & Etoile. There is one movie theater for 6000 people in Paris, and this is a world record. Because French people are so fond of cinema, more and more movies are produced every year.

Significant relation with art

French films have a deep connection with art. The impressionist film in France was more about the perception of reality, instead of the actual reality. You will find artistic sense in most French cinemas. French film has gained an artistic reputation. Filmmakers focus more on the content rather than the budget of the movie. Like Ingmar Bergman would have put it:

No art passes our conscience in the way film does,

and goes directly to our feelings,

deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.

Language is a barrier

Language is a major obstacle for French cinema. Film distributors don’t export French films as people don’t like to watch movies by reading sub-titles. Also, French filmmakers are not used to the dubbed version of cinemas. Only one or two French movies become successful internationally every ten years. So, French movies are mostly famous locally.

French film industry has earned good reputation due to its remarkable history, great directors, actors, and actresses. Some of the French artists have even made it to the international platform. French filmmakers are now working on foreign productions, and French producers are making films in foreign languages. This transformation has been possible for the love of cinemas. French movie industry contributes well to the entertainment sector of the country. It also earns huge revenue from its films and film-related events every year. Even though the market is high, it has decreased a bit compared to the past due to foreign productions. Hopefully, French movie industry will see more good times in future and keep on contributing to the world of cinemas like before.



Four main features of the French film industry

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