The French film industry is getting alive & exciting. In between ’05 and up to ’15 in this new millennium, around 194 movies, from a French program(push) have been produced and launched in France annually, whilst about 200 million billets are purchased in French movie theaters.

Within ’14, the amount of funding in movie making came up to 994 million in Euro, of in which 799 million Euro came from French assets) versus the 1254 million Euro, of which 1020 million Euro from French assets) in the earlier year or so. This kind of substantial drop verifies the reports by producers that acquiring funding packages is tougher and for that reason numerous projects are ‘dumped’, or at least postponed, sometimes for a few years, in the pre-production phase, and one good show of that is ‘”Un prophète/A Prophet” by Jacques Audiard, 2009 . The precise number of French movies approved from the ‘Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée ‘ also known as (CNC) with regard to ’14 is approximately 152 .

The entire amount of cinema seat tickets sold in around 6000+ movie theaters accessible in France arrived at 208 million in ’15 compared to 205.8 million in ’14, a slight but decent jump. The overall bruto box-office ‘bills’, which went up by from 1026 million Euro in ’05 to 1332 million Euro in ’14, while this last amount representing a 6.5% improve in ’13 (a 306+ million Euro cashed in).

Regardless of widespread perceptions in which French movies as an entertaining market is continuously dealing with a crisis, the data given above report that it continues to be most diverse and financially rewarding movie economy in the European union.

The Important Role of CNC

Founded in ’46 within the power of the French Ministry of Culture, the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée or CNC supervises an array of policies that manage the movie industry in France, up until today. In addition, it records the French method of financing by generating frequent studies that get published on its website. Various other official studies are posted at frequent periods by nationwide and European union cultural organizations. They are presented to anyone on the web, while providing beneficial resources on the movie industry.

The important role of CNC comes from years back, and one of those roles was/is, CNC is authorized cncto handle the money accumulated through the taxes raised on all movie theater seat tickets sold in France, known as TSA (plain french: la ‘taxe spéciale additionnelle’) which results in 10.72% of the total french box office earnings all this with intention to aid the French movie industry, along with other audio-visual endeavors. In addition, CNC accumulates extra income taxes on video products and solutions, tv broadcasting, as well as on the web based selling of streaming online movies.

The budget of CNC is also accessible for film-makers and producers, enabling them to apply for funding their own projects, in case they lack financial assets, which is a great opportunity to make as many projects with the likelihood of a movie blockbuster coming alive. In average only 10% of the applicants get approved, which isn’t after all a low rate.

These grants are dispersed in a sum of 783 million Euro, and 322 million Euro reserved for cinema movies, indie movies and similar. The movie theaters aren’t left behind since CNC disperses a total of 51 milion Euro to help the digital transformation of movie theaters around France. The highest amount of funding per movie project allowed is 700,000 in Euro.
They are interest free financial loans that theoretically ought to be paid back from the commercial revenue of the funded hd movies.

The picky reasons of funding, where the function is actually to motivate the development of fresh talents, and the variety of cinema creation, rely upon a number of plainly outlined high quality standards and are designated via various commissions that get together 3 times annually.


With all of this above stated, the french film industry remains healthy, and while it’s development backed by smart & solid state funding, talented artists, genius producers, the movie-making world have nothing to worry about the french film industry.

The French Film Industry – Bright Future

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    The French totally changed cinema!

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      Yes Vance true. After the WWII, the French cinema is constantly reaching higher peaks.


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